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... which conveys the memory of ... Great East Japan Earthquake and the tsunami in the former future for 1,000 years

I enlighten a prompt refuge action at the time of the tsunami occurrence

The seventh "New Year Skanda race"

An earthquake of March 11, 2011 when I brought heavy damage in the East Japan and a tsunami.
An approach to tell the memory and lesson to the next generation is carried out in each place,
It is not easily avoided weathering little by little.
I pay attention to "a festival" as a medium conveying the memory of the earthquake disaster that was said to be 1,000 once a year in history for a long time,
As one in "the Setsubun ceremony of driving out the devils society" (SETSUBUN-TSUINAE) which was performed for a long time, and adhered to the area of the events
I planned "Skanda race" and held the first in cause February, 2014 of the understanding of the members concerned and the cooperation.

(a photograph of 2014, the first)

From the city area where a tsunami arrived at,
This attempt that is going to let consciousness of the quick refuge root by racing to the temple which is a refuge,
I have agreement and support from the various quarters and reach the seventh under much cooperation.

("Fukuo, fortune woman, fortune parent and child, Fuku" of 2017, the fourth)

About a summary, I guide you as follows.

"The New Year Skanda race" (the Setsubun ceremony of driving out the devils society)
 Date : Sunday, February 2, 2020 around 10:00 ...
Venue : NICHIREN-SYU SENJYUIN(2-9-1, Otadakoecho, Kamaishi-shi, Iwate)

Participation qualification : The child who is lower than part = pro-+ primary schoolchild of parent and child more than general part = junior high student
     Six branches, for each around 20 people of <man 29 years or younger/man 30 years or older/woman/junior and senior high school students/primary schoolchild/parent and child> in total

Participation method : A prior entry form. A reception desk period: From Tuesday, January 7, 2020 to 25th Saturday.
I accept it by an email, FAX. There is a lottery for ensuring safety on a lot of applicants.

Meeting place : Tadakoecho, Kamaishi-shi, firefighting team first branch office Part 3 garrison (Tadakoe meeting place)

◇I assume the downtown where a tsunami arrived at a start point
     In running it up to the evacuation site (= SENJYUIN) in the hill
    Inform the position of the landmark with being saved if I escape to a refuge
     I can survive = with escaping <fortune>
    It is intended to let consciousness to be good root to escape
◇I race all at once for each group and commend each first place as Fukuo fortune woman
◇In the first place of each man and woman, I have I wear an old ceremonial dress, and the Setsubun ceremony of driving out the devils society such as the bean-scattering ceremony participate
◇I present a participation souvenir to a participant

[sponsorship] NICHIREN-SYU SENJYUIN, Kamaishi Buddhism society [cooperation] Kamaishi cheering party ARAMAGI heart
Kamaishi cheering party ARAMAGI Heart <Shimomura>:(the media charge window)
NICHIREN-SYU SENJYUIN<chief priest, Enou Shibasaki>: 0193-22-1166


Course commentary

"To follow Kamaishi-shi disaster prevention citizens' charter" command
(March 11, 2019 establishment)

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